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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor and Measurement System

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor and Measurement System measures with a fluorescence-based method. Areas of use are Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Windings of Dry Type Transformers, Switchgear Cabinets, RMU (Ring Main Unit) Medium Voltage OG Modular Switchgears.

Herch Fiber Optic Temperature Detection and Measurement systems offer solutions for all your needs.

  • Fiber Optic Sensors and Thermometers for Oil Filled Transformer Hot Spot Temperature Measurement

  • Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for Transformer Top Oil Bushing Winding and Magnetic Core Temperature Measurement and Monitoring

  • Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing and Monitoring System for Transformer Winding Hot Spot


Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors and Monitoring System for Dry Type Power Transformer

Dry type transformers have been widely used due to their high dielectric strength, superior environment performance and low operating noise. The operational reliability of dry type transformers is highly dependent on its insulation performance, which is closely related to the heat generation and dissipation inside dry-type transformers.


Switchgear Temperature Monitoring

  • Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring Sensors and Controller As Well As Software for Switchgear Busbar

  • Real Time & Direct Fiber Optic Temperature and Thermal Monitoring System for Switchgear

  • Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors and Mesurement System for Switchgear Panel Hot Spot

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