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CardiAngel OED Defibrilatör

Defibrillator, CardiAngel AED, AED, Cardiac shock device, Sudden cardiac arrest, First aid
In an emergency, even though the procedures are simple, people can become agitated and confused at many stages. BecauseCardiAngel It was developed as an easy-to-use device. Thus, it can be used easily and quickly in emergency situations.  

Easy to Use 
3-stage interface, simple and clear voice guidance

Always Ready to Use 
When you open the cover, CardiAngel automatically opens and starts guiding. Thanks to the attached electrodes, you can apply the electrodes directly to the patient's chest. Thanks to the systematic pre-shock preparation, the shock is prepared in a short time. 

Real Time CPR (Heart Massage) Feedback
Along with Early Defibrillation, heart massage is very important to keep correct and adequate oxygen delivery to the organs and to maintain blood circulation. To perform CardiAngel heart massage correctly and effectively;


  • It helps position the hands correctly, 

  • It helps you catch the rhythm with the metronome sound, 

  • It helps by providing real-time feedback about chest compression without the need for an extra sensor (FreeCPR®).

Automatic Self Test 
CardiAngel regularly tests itself, checks the battery, electrodes and electronics. 

Made in France 
CardiAngel is produced by a leading medical group in Europe. 

Dust and Water Resistant
Use in indoor and outdoor weather conditions with IP55 standards - optionally with IP67 Hard Case  
  more weather resistant  

Long Life Battery and RFID Marked Electrodes 
6-year durable battery, expired consumables notification via RFID

Three Language Function 
3 different predefined languages can be selected with a single click.

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