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Shock Recorders

Shock Recorder, Shock Recorders, Transformer Damage, Transformer Protection
Transformer Transportation Risk, Product Transportation Risk, Goods Transportation Risk


Where are your transported goods? Which loads are the goods and have the goods been exposed to?

Impact Recorder Transport, Transport

Are the environmental conditions appropriate for your stored goods? Were and are the goods stable? Are there any handling risks at the storage location?

Transformer Operational Risk

Do external influences endanger the operation of your system, for example in the offshore area? When do you as the operator have to intervene?

Purpose: Purpose: To prevent very high risks of damages ( power transformers explosion and similiar),before starting the installation, it is vital to review the Shock recorders reports, to make sure that the transformer was not subject to shocks/vibrations big enough to cause fatal damages. Furthermore it is essential to document; under whose responsibility, when and where the products were damaged, in order to file claims properly against insurance and forwarding company.

Application: Shock Recorders ( or Impact Recorders) are used to monitor and record, in real time, shocks, temperature, humidity and similiar environmental conditions, during the loading, transportation, unloading and handling of shock sensitive equipment, such as transformers, wind turbines and etc. It is possible to see when and where the equipment was damaged by the aid of GPS integrated into the recorder.



  • Small, lightweight shock data logger with intelligent signal filtering and evaluation.

  • Indicates limit value exceedances with Alarm LED.



  • The compact logger is particularly suitable for monitoring large transports.

  • With an integrated GPS receiver and tilt sensor. It is also approved for air transportation.


MicroShockDetector plus

  • Small, lightweight shock data logger with communication via USB and NFC.

  • It is also approved for air transportation. The condition report can be read via smartphone and free app.


ShockDisplay curve 2 plus

  • Transport data logger with highly sensitive sensors to measure different risk factors.

  • Standard compliant data recording. Instant data availability via free app.


ShockDisplay curve 2

  • Shock data logger to store the 500 largest shock events and slope values.

  • It can be programmed from the menu with function keys or software.

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