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Transformer Valves

Transformer Valve, Drain Outlet Valve, Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Drain Outlet Valves

Drain Outlet Valves

Use of: Control and evacuation of oil at high temperatures
Medicine:Sliding, spherical, butterfly

Material: Bronze, Stainless steel, Carbon steel

Transformer Valve, Flanged Gate Valve, Geyt, Flanged Gate Valves

Flanged Gate Valve

Use of:On-off (fully open or fully closed)
Medicine:Slide (Geyt), working perpendicular to the flow, disc and slide

Flanged Ball Valve, Transformer Valve

Flanged Ball Valve

Use of:It is primarily used to throttle and control the flow 
Medicine:The ball valve has a spherical element moved in an annular seat by the actuator.
Material: Bronze

Flanged Ball Valve, Transformer Valve

Flanged Ball Valve

Use of:  For process industry applications and other highly corrosive environments
Medicine:PTFE body seal gasket, integrated PTFE spring bushing on body gasket, ball seal and union follower 
Material:Stainless steel

Butterfly Valve, Transformer Valve

The butterfly valve

Use of: Regulating or preventing the flow
Medicine: Butterfly valves consist of a rotating circular plate or a pair of hinged semicircular plates attached to a transverse shaft and mounted inside a pipe.
Material:Forged Steel

Cast Steel Gate Valve, Transformer Valve, Actuator

Cast Steel Gate Valve

Use of: For Transformer Industry;  It is extremely durable and long-lasting.
Medicine:Gate Valves; actuator  It has a sliding disc or cover that is moved perpendicular to the direction of flow by
Material: Body: Cast Steel, working internal parts: Stainless Steel 316L 

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