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Transformers Magazine

Consultra Transformers Magazine
  • Ttransformers Magazine is the world's reference publication in transformer technology and market, focusing on smart grids and  green solutions. As an independent global voice nurturing a scientific approach, our aim is to promote innovation, growth and progress of the industry by publishing articles and news on current industry-related issues.

  • Transformers Magazine is published 4 times a year, in print and digital.


  • Available in English and Chinese, our industry-leading website provides technology, business and people with the latest news and trends.

  • We also host a lively, leading forum on LinkedIn - Transformers Forum, with over 22,000 members participating in technical discussions about transformers.​

  • As a unique media outlet in its field: Our readers' current  We enable them to easily access information and information.

  • We offer industry experts the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on topics they specialize in.

  • We offer companies the opportunity to communicate efficiently with the market in order to expand and develop their services.

  • Companies in the industry use our magazine, website and e-newsletters for educational and business purposes, and also find it a great platform to reach their potential customers.

  • 20,000 magazine subscribers in 190 countries,

  • 105,000 website visitors

  • 5,900 newsletter recipients

  • 22,000 LinkedIn group members


**CONSULTRA  ​TRANSFORMERS Magazine is the representative and distributor of TRANSFORMERS Magazine in Turkey and Azerbaijan.


Please Mr.Sinan ÖZCAN
+90 554 482 00 41
We kindly ask you to contact us.

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